Client & Caregiver Testimonials

"Dear ADAKC, On behalf of the Brummett Family, we would like to thank you for the kindness and care you showed toward our mother, Dorothy. Your concern for her health and well being provided a great amount of comfort to us." - Ron & Louise Brummett


"I really enjoyed my visit to ADAKC today, bless you all hearts for all you do. You cannot put a price tag on the work you all do and the precious moments with the clients. I will personally cherish my visit for the rest of my life.  Thanks" - Doc W.

"I would like to take this time to thank ADAKC for their program and their involvement in Taft. The time they have spent at the Baptist church has been extremely beneficial to my mother and me. My mother looks forward to and enjoys the time she spends there. I have learned many things to help make my mother's life much better. I have been spreading the word about your program to people in Taft about the way it could help their loved ones. In closing, I would like to add that Yvonne and Frannie are truly angels. They treat my mother with kindness, compassion and love. They are very, very good at their job. Thank you again for your program. All the best." - Charles M.

"I'm Jody, my Dad, Mike, attends the ADAKC Day Care Program (4 years Nov. 3rd). I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this program. My dad enjoys it so much, he looks forward to going each and every day. I'm so happy for him to have this program to keep him going with his life. There is NO way I could do all this for him, by myself. Everyone that has anything to do with this program, from the drivers at CTSA, to everyone at ADAKC, showers my father [with] nothing but respect at all times. I love to drop by there without telling anyone I'm coming, just to check out my dad and see what he is doing. I always get emotional seeing how happy he is, and how everyone working there is happy to be there. From the people working the front desk, the wonderful men and women working with clients, to the women working in the kitchen, they are ALL awesome. I'm going to use the G-word, God Bless each and everyone of you for being a very, very important part of my father's life. Also, THANK YOU for all the help we get as the family, caregivers or friends, from the support groups, it helps us walk through whatever is going on with our loved ones at that time, and for whatever the future holds for us and them. Again, Thank You ADAKC soooo much for all your Love and Support for my dad and everyone blessed to attend this program!" - Jody S.

"ADAKC has been a lifesaver for me, a caregiver, in that I have been provided generous portions of reliable information, perspective, valuable respite, and the precious realization that I was no longer alone;...yes, even fellowship! Many thanks & be Blessed." Ed S.

"Shirley, my wife of 59 years, began showing signs of Alzheimer's disease in about 2008. Shirley and I attended a talk by a local physician on the subject and decided that she was in the very early stages. Some time thereafter, we consulted her primary care doctor who gave her a verly simple test to determine the extent of the disease. He prescribed Aricept and also referred us to a neurologist.

We visited the Alzheimer's Disease Association of Kern County where she was introduced to their staff. She sat in on a discussion with other patients where they discussed what might be happening to them. The staff was so very kind and helpful that I started coming to the Caregiver [Support] Group sessions. While attending the Caregiver group, Shirley was looked after in the Day Care free of charge. They made us feel comfortable and wanted. Staff explained possibilities for Shirley's care and for my care. They were as concerned about my well being as with Shirley's.

When it was necessary for Shirley to be put in a Skilled Nursing facility, the staff continued to be concerned about her welfare and very concerned about my welfare. The Caregivers group was so inspirational and informative that I continued to attend even though I technically was then a 'Survivor.' They helped me through some really hard times.

Now that my dear wife has completed her journey in this life, ADAKC continues to be concerned about me and my welfare. There is our Survivor group to help with adjusting to life alone. I could not have imagined that there is an organization like ADAKC but I am very, very thankful there is. I would not be where I am emotionally if not for them. I am not over my grief, but am so much better than I was due in large part to the help of ADAKC" - Wayne W.

"I want to tell you that I honestly believe Daddy would not be alive if it were not for the Day Care Facility [ADAKC]. He looks forward each day to spending time there and keeping active. Daddy tells me and anyone else who will listen about the many wonderful things you do there at the Day Care Facility. I truly believe it keeps him more alert. I want to thank you and your staff for your wonderful work." - Kathleen P.

"The ADAKC has been such a valuable resource for my mother and myself. Mom is 84 and very frail, along with a mind crippled with Alzheimer's. The day care center has provided me with peace of mind knowing she has been well cared for when I leave her for a couple of hours, to do my shopping, or go to my doctor appointments. Her eyes light up when she sees the wonderful staff & I can tell she has had some fun when I pick her up, because she is still smiling! I don't know how we could get along without the ADAKC; it has truly been a life saver for us." - Susan M.

"My wife has gone to the Adult day care for sometime. She enjoys to interact with the people. She seems to do well with games and takes part in all the activities. Her mental attitude is better since she has gone and the program has been a big help to me"John B.

"The ADAKC gets a huge THANK YOU for the outstanding job that they do in taking care of our precious mother at the Day Resource Center. Our family feels that the caregivers at this center are the BEST, they are always good and kind to our mother and with out this association for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease our family would truly be at a great loss.

Cora, who is my mother, is an active member of this program and is greatly benefited by the activities that she experiences, and it provides her an opportunity to interact with other adults who are in the same situation. Because of this program Cora gets a meaning in life still and we feel it stimulates her mind to help counteract her dementia. Without this wonderful program Cora would just be sitting in front of the television and there would be very little interaction with others at all - her life would be boring, dull and uninteresting. The ADAKC Center gets her out of the home two days a week. She gets to ride a bus to and from the center where upon she gets out and sees the world still. Cora sees her friends, has a nice breakfast and lunch, and is taken well care of by the professionals who know her and love her. When Cora is with them we have no worries and know that she is safe." -Charles & Candace C.

"My mom comes to the ADAKC Adult Day Center. Since she has been attending day care she is more active and stimulated. She is currently living in a home and they just watch TV all day. There is little to no stimulation of any kind. At the center they are kept active and challenged both mentally and physically. She is happier when she attends the center. She participates in arts and crafts and playing games.

The center helps both people in this case. Having her at the center gives me a real peace of mind. Thank you." - Tom P.

"My husband comes to the ADAKC day care center. Since he has been coming he has become more social. While at the center he participates in games, singing, does arts & crafts, and dances. This program benefits both Jim and me. While he is at the center this gives me the time to run errands and do things for myself. I am so thankful for the services this facility provides." - Linda P.

"Since my wife has been attending the ADAKC Adult Day Care Services it has benefited both my wife and myself. Since she has been attending the Adult Day Care Services it has made all the difference in the world. From the time she is dropped off in the morning, she is encouraged to be active and communicate until I pick her up in the afternoon. The Day Care has not only helped her with interacting with others, but has also helped me. I was going downhill faster physically than she was and now I have time for myself which has helped me both emotionally and physically. Without the ADAKC Adult Day Center I don't know what kind of condition both her and I would be in today. I give a lot of credit to this service and hope they are around for years to help other families." - Lloyd H.

"Thank you so much for all the kindness and support you have given to all of us, but particularly to Kim." - Kathryn F.

"Thank you for letting me have 2 days at the ADAKC Day center everyweek. I really like going and mingling with people. Helps my weeks go by faster. My minister and friends say I have 'perked up.' Thanks again." - Dorothy H.

"My husband was diagnosed with this insidious disease nine years ago. Early on we decided together that we needed to keep our sense of humor in battling this disease and to remain patient and social. This was not always easy but it was a healthy decision for both of us.

Three years ago I made an important discovery, I attending my first ADAKC seminar. I read a small piece about it in the newspaper and it opend up a "lifeline" for me. My lifeline was joining the Caregivers' support group and I have been a part of the 1st and 3rd Wednesday group ever since.

Immediately I loved going because now I had others whom I could relate to and who understood my dilemma and had suggestions on solving and dealing with our problems and frustrations. Now I also hated going because, at that time, Fred was very highly functioning and, listening to all the other caregivers talking about their loved ones and what they are dealing with, put it right in my face and I had a harsh and clear vision of where we were heading. The support group has been such a help and guidance for me and a place to 'vent' about uncontrollable unexpected situations others could not understand or things I protectively did not wish to share with my family or friends. Things shared in support group are confidential and there is an understanding and a 'been there done that' atmosphere. The ADAKC has a treasure trove of information available, all you have to do is ask. We are so blessed to have the help of this local organization and their caring and knowledgeable staff at our fingertips.

Many of the loved ones attended the adult day care by the ADAKC, but I just KNEW Fred would never agree to attend as he had never been one to enjoy participating in games, singing or dancing. I also had become very protective of him. Eventually, due to the progression of his disease, I realized my need for a respite day for my own sanity. I did not give Fred an option and insisted that he attend one day a week for ME. What a blessing that was. I remember coming home that first day with 6 glorious hours of uninterrupted time for myself with such relief. I did not realize how much stress I was increasingly under. This seems so crazy to me now, but do you know what I did with that time? I cleaned out cabinets and drawers and reorganized our bathroom! It was so healing to not have Fred looking over my shoulder and needing his needs met IMMEDIATELY that I felt 'free' for the first time in several years!

I had told him that he HAD to go one day a week for ME but he could go any other days he wished for himself and, to my amazement, before long, he was asking to go another day or so a week. He so enjoyed the stimulation and interaction encouraged by the staff and the release from the boredom of being home for those long isolated days. He had lost the ability to engage in television programs, read and verbally communicate. Though he was still able to continue to enjoy his yard and garden for a while. The Day Care now became a lifeline for him also.

Last June I got the flu and had a difficult time recuperating due to my stress level. Our daughters insisted that I begin taking him to the Day Care five days a week. I was hesitant but it was one of the best decisions for both of us. NOW he had a ROUTINE and looked forward to something every morning. Even on Saturday and Sunday he would often say 'Let's go to the club." - Jackie P.

"Thanks to all the great staff for all the love they showed my wife." - Cal G.

"Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this wonderful program!" - Robert L.

"Dear ADAKC-Thank you for all you have done for Felix. I will come out and talk to you - you have done so much. Again, Thanks." - Emma Lou J.

"My mother Elsie has been attending ADAKC since 2009. I can't tell you in words what the care and compassion has meant to her and to our family. She wouldn't have the independence and dignity, or quality of life, had it not been for all of the caring staff and volunteers at ADAKC. I and my family are so blessed and grateful for the time she's been there and hope she can continue to enjoy her life at its fullness thanks to all of your care. Special thanks to all of the caring staff at ADAKC. It doesn't get any better!! We love you all. God bless you richly for your sacrifice. - Sherry, Danny & Terri H.

"We want to thank you [ADAKC] and your staff for all you have done for our mom and for us over the past 2 1/2 years. We appreciate the positive encouragement and care that she received. Your is a vital program and we hope it will be able to continue to serve the community for years to come." - Connie T .& Family



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